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Public Service Announcements:

Great Country 107.7 is committed to being a part of your community and helping out local non-profit charities!

Here's how your charity can be promoted on the air!

Please submit any requests to be part of our Public Service Announcement (PSA) calendar by e-mailing information below. Please try to submit the information 2 to 3 weeks prior to the date of the event. This helps us make sure we can add your event to the calendar and we have time to promote it! Please make sure to include:

- Name of the organization PSA is for
- Date of event
- Location of event
- Time of event
- What's going to be happening
- What will the money raised go toward
- Any other information
- Contact name, phone #, and e-mail

We will add your event to our PSA calendar. Please also be aware that your event will be on a rotating calendar with other events that are also submitted to Great Country 107.7. Having events added to our PSA calendar is subject to approval.

If you are inquiring about Great Country 107.7 coming out to your event please also submit it to the same address along with your request for us to be on site. Great Country 107.7 strives to be out on the road and in person at as many of our communities events as we can. However due to staffing, time restraints, and a very busy schedule out on the road, we are not able to honor every request.

Please submit all Public Service Announcements to: