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I come from humble beginnings, born in the one room hospital before it became the HUGE medical center we now know as the Hershey Medical Center.  Actually, it wasn’t one room but it was much smaller. 

Zoom ahead a decade (or four?) and here I am, at the greatest radio station this side of the Pacos.  I have no idea where the Pecos is or if it even exists, it just sounded good!  I’ve been at 107-7 for more than two decade and I was not kidding, this is the greatest radio station I have worked at in my career.  Not only because of the music but because of YOU and the people I work with!  Great Country 107-7 is truly unique.  You know that because you’re listening!  The main focus is and has always been YOU!

Ii is my life’s desire to make your late afternoon experience, well, an experience!  One show is never like the one before!  Soon I’ll be listing all the happenings in your late afternoon show but for now, I just wanted to take you from the beginning to now.  Sort of.  Okay, I skipped some things in the middle but I didn’t want to bore you to tears.  See, YOU are always front and center!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll make WGTY’s late afternoon show a part of your day!  Make sure to check out my fan page on Facebook! 



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